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MUSIC is the SOUL of all of our lives, and a day without it is as if something is missing like a good old friend and more! is surely THE BEST IN NORTH AMERICA! WE LOVE OUR LISTENERS!

 KC's Corner

           Good Day Fans!

Live and let Live!

Today I want to talk about relationships. We all have them whether they are family, friends, your partner in life, school, work peers, or just the Boss!  I wanted to lay out a reasonable definition of what a good one is. Here are a few thoughts to moisten your considerations a bit:

A healthy relationship is when two people develop a connection based on: Mutual respect. Trust. Honesty. There are quite a few keys to a healthy relationship depending on what your personal needs are. We can go down the line from trust, to communication, to intimacy, but one very important one that people overlook is the self-fulfillment of both parties.

I myself think that the old drivers education speaks clear when it says: STOP. LOOK. & LISTEN! Often we want it all yet don't do this simple thing which is full attention with INTENT! There are many other things to say but we all probably need a wax, buff, and shine on many of our relationships these days.

I hope you all can step aside and just look, it's worth the pause, and just in case too! When Love comes in we want more of it, but sometimes the tank is empty, and that is when the LID BLOWS OFF because we left it unattended!

I know you will choose Love and Care!  Those are action verbs!

I hope this little consideration may make a HAPPIER YOU and your relationships to follow!

We are here wishing you a productive and most of all
HAPPY WEEK here @ Radiodowndown,ca & 106.9 FM


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Video of the week

KC Darlin comments: The Tymes ~ SO MUCH IN LOVE [1963]


Charted: UK #21 USA #1

To enhance the "stroll by the sea" theme, this song opens with sound effects of singing birds and waves of the ocean. The spare arrangement - finger snaps are the lead instrument - keeps it very intimate.

The Tymes were a vocal group from Philadelphia comprised of George Williams, George Hilliard, Al "Ceasar" Berry, Norman Burnett and Donald Banks. "So Much In Love" was the first song they ever recorded.

The group was called The Latineers in 1963 when they entered a talent show that earned them an audition with Billy Jackson at Cameo-Parkway Records. Jackson liked what he heard and brought the group in to record a single. The Latineers had been working on a song they called "As We Strolled Along" - Jackson reworked it a bit and changed the title to "So Much In Love," and that was the song they recorded.

The Tymes' specialized in lighthearted, buoyant songs; their second single was "Wonderful! Wonderful!," which made #7 in the US, and in 1974 they had a #1 UK hit with another uplifting song, "Ms. Grace."

Cameo founder Bernie Lowe suggested they become The Tymes, and in short order they went from singing "As We Strolled Along" on street corners as The Latineers to touring with Dick Clark's Cavalcade of Stars as The Tymes with their hit single "So Much In Love."

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