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 Personal Assistant to 
Must have a good appreciation for music of all genres and independent artists in particular. Since the station promotes all new artists around the world and all genres, the PA would be responsible to listen to submissions and give their thoughts on the tunes supplied and then release that info to the station owner for consideration of the artist.
Not all submissions by artists will be accepted, only those we (Station & PA) approve will become a feature on one of our shows on 
Those accepted, their songs would be inserted into the daily rotation of tunes, plus may be considered for “The Perfect Note”, one of our 30 minute programmes available to new artists. May also become a feature on our Country Time show.
Upon approval by the station and the PA, you have the honour of responding to the the artist, letting them know they have been chosen as a feature and directing them to an online form to fill in, prior to an interview.
To become a feature artist the artist must participate in a Skype audio interview, where we find out more about the artist. The PA may if they wish attend this Skype call. 
There is no need for the PA to respond to an artist who does not qualify but may do so if they wish after sending the station its thoughts.
At the moment there is no remuneration allocated for this position, but may in the future as we grow. Possible co-hosting on shows will become available as well once the studio finds a new location. Co-Hosting does not have to be performed in person at the studio.
The station presently gets around 10 submissions per week that need to be addressed. All submissions come to when these emails arrive I can have them forwarded automatically to the PA’s email address for review.
Once  moves to a new location, the PA’s job may become a paid position, mutually agreed upon.
In summary, these are early days for this position. The station has been in existence for 13 years and boasts an average of 2400 listeners around the globe on an hourly basis 24/7 and 365 days per year. It’s time for the station to take the next step, and we are looking for a music enthusiast to help us get there. 
If you are that person, send an email to  

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