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I had the good fortune in interviewing Saskia Vese from the UK a little while ago. The interview was amazing, we had an instant connection and today she calls me her Cuz. (Cousin) We still chat once and a while on skype and she has made me one of the administrators on her Saskia Vese fan page team.

 How did you get interested in Performing?:

I became interested in country music when I realized that Olivia Newton John from grease was a country artist . Also when Shania Twain came out I started learning all Shania’s song . I was then picked up by a small record label . Where I started my own original country songs

Who are your influences?:

My influences are Olivia Newton John , shania twain , Elvis and carpenters

Your accomplishments so far?:

My accomplishments so far are my original songs sayhello good girl and slow dance . Ranging from country rock pop to country uptempo ballad then to country pop . I’m really proud of my music . All my original country songs have been played all over U.K. on bbc radio . Before I had my own songs I performed as a shania twain tribute . I still perform as a shania twain performer alongside my own songs hand in hand . Currently I’m working on my 4th single headlights . Which is an uptempo ballad . A little sounding like lady Antebellum style . This year in 2018 I sang on stage at the country music awards in the U.K. . It was amazing and was played live on radio all the show .

What your plans are for the future?:

My plans for the future are * performing all over the world and of course Canada ! Canada would be my first stop of course to see you at your radio station ! My plans with my label are to complete my album and then go on tour with my Album with my band . Also to do a radio Saskia tour where I will be visiting as many radio stations live as I can . I’ll be interviewing all around uk and USA ! As well as performing. As an English artist I feel really honoured to be a part of country music and I love country music . It’s in my heart and soul . I feel it in my bones when I’m singing country music . I would love to share my Shania twain Cover song recordings with your radio too . I will send you my Shania Cover songs too . I hope Shania twain hears them . Just to let you know that I can’t wait for you all to hear my own country music and share with you my Music journey .


Country/City or Town: London UK

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