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Jim Nabors
Jim Nabors

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Wilson Phillips ~ Hold On


Wilson Phillips is a trio of singers from prominent musical families. Chynna Phillips is the daughter of John Phillips and Michelle Phillips of The Mamas & The Papas, while Carnie Wilson and Wendy Wilson are the daughters of Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys and Marilyn Rovell of The Honeys. This song was their breakout hit, and it was a huge one, peaking at #1 on June 9, 1990. Wilson Phillips (album) sold

10 million worldwide.

Despite their privileged upbringing, Wilson Phillips came off as very down-to-earth, wearing jeans instead of runway fashions. Their accessible image made them very relatable and earned them legions of female fans.

This is a song of encouragement addressed to a person who is going through some rough times. There's some tough love in there ("No one can change your life except for you"), but also plenty of compassion ("Things'll go your way if you hold on for one more day").



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Wilson Phillips ~ Hold On


Chynna Phillips wrote the lyrics about her drug and alcohol addiction.


Producer Glen Ballard had been working with Wilson Phillips when he handed Chynna a cassette tape with some music that needed words. Phillips took it home to work on the lyrics, but inspiration struck before she even got to the front door.


Sitting in her car with her mother Michelle inside the house, she wrote about the pain of a lost love and the substance that surrounded it. "I thought to myself, 'Well, AA tells me, just hold on, just one day at a time,'" Phillips told Rolling Stone. "I thought, 'OK, if I can just hold on for one more day, then I can do this.'"

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